Scrape It Review — Easy, and fast way to create a product review, or campaign

Introducing ScrapeIt -Cloud-

Scrape It is a cloud based software designed to help in creating reviews in a very easy, fast, and defined way. If you are in the digital marketing profession you would acknowledge the stress involved in creating a product review, from struggling with how to structure, getting the content, to adding some special features on the review.

Scrape It come with a unique, first of its kind features aimed at changing the way a review will be created, as it provides not only the tools to reduce the stress of creating a product review, but above all providing an easy way to create a product review. Scrape It comes with a variety of product review tool templates, as well as a variety of campaigns pre-loaded banners.

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The Scrape-It Team

The ScrapeIt Team
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Some Products from the Scrape It Team include, but not limited to the following launched in the last 5 years :

The Scrape It Team has a variety of other products which they launched successfully before, these include but not limited to the following,

Product Features

OTO1 — Scrape It Traffic

  • 13 Social Media Sites, and Generate Free Buyer Traffic from all the Sites Simultaneously on Autopilot.
  • Get insights on all the Free Buyer Traffic you generated directly from your ‘Scrape It’ Dashboard.
  • Keep your Social Media Accounts fresh and Engaging by regularly Updating the content.
  • Customise each post or post it as is.

OTO2 — Scrape It Club

  • You can build unlimited sites.
  • Ready-made DFY Scrape it to begin to profit and grow tour network right away.
  • DFY Scrape It added to the user Dashboard each month.
  • Premium add-ons like Drag and Drop builder, Live Chat, and More.
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OTO3 — Scrape It Store

  • Import all the Data of the Products, including its variations, description, and even the pictures.
  • Search directly from your Admin Dashboard. Save hours of your time.
  • No API key required. It just works.
  • Get the Chrome extension designed to automatically scrape and export products to your site with just one click.

OTO4 — Scrape It Content

  • Get the best trending articles to your site and get free organic buyers with this upgrade you can push your business to the next level.
  • Include Site outline, and calendar to manage your content super easy.

OTO5 — Scrape It Agency

  • Agency Licence, a licence to sell Scrape It like your own product, and keep 100% of the profits.
  • Proven selling tools, gain access to a proven sales page and video sales letter.
  • Done for you selling platform.
  • You can use our selling platform to sell the product 24/7 access to our support team.
  • No Installations, and or coding required, the product is easy to setup. Simply activate the software, and you are good to go.
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Pros, and Cons


  • The product is easy to setup, you only activate it, and use it.
  • The product comes with lots of tools and features, which make it much easier and quicker to create a review, or a campaign of your product.
  • It does not require any expertise, or special skills to be able to use the product.
  • It is cloud based meaning that it moves with you, one can access one’s dashboard from anywhere around the world.
  • Can be used from a variety of devices.
  • Has a library which is constantly built, to provide various addons.


  • It requires the internet to access the cloud, which can be a much of a challenge since in this day and age internet access is becoming a basic need.
  • Scrape It being on the cloud, means that the library is centrally controlled, and monitored, which can however be good for security reasons, and syncing of upgrades.


Q — What is Scrape It?

A — Scrape It is a cloud based software which provides the tools to easily, and quickly create a product review, or campaign by scrape and grabbing the contents of the product’s launch page.

Q — What is the steps involved in setting up on Scrape It?

A — Setting on Scrape It is very easy, as it only involves one activating one’s software, then one is good to go.

Q — Does Scrape It support other devices apart from computers, or laptops?

A — Yes, Scrape It supports all the other devices as long long one can access the a web browser from these devices, and internet.


  • Currently this product has no matching alternatives as it is a new idea, a new product.


Scrape It provides a very unique platform for a fast and easy creation of a product review, or product campaigns. It is not limited to digital marketing, or promotion, as they are various other scenarios it can be put into use with a high degree of effectiveness. The Scrape It software is cloud based, meaning that it can be access from anywhere in the world where there is internet access, and from any device which has a web browser.

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A Business Intelligence Analyst, providing profiling, and review.

A Business Intelligence Analyst, providing profiling, and review.